Andy Malone: Author of The Seventh Day

With a prestigious international career spanning 20 years, Andy Malone is not only a world class technology instructor and consultant. But is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and veteran conference speaker at such prestigious events as Microsoft TechEd North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, IT / Dev Connections, TechMentor - Live 360 and the Cybercrime Security Forum
 In both his training’s and events at which he speaks, his passionate style of delivery, combined with a sense of fun has become his trademark and have won him great acclaim. 

Although his primary focus is for security. Andy loves to talk about the Windows platform, Exchange and Office technologies. And with knowledge dating back to the MS-DOS 2 and Windows 2.0 era there is often an interesting story to be told. But technology never sleeps and Andy continues to work with the Microsoft product teams to create and deliver ground breaking material on Windows Azure / Office 365 . Recent projects have taken him to Romania, Ukraine, The US and beyond for Government, Military and civilian clients. For 2014/15 Andy is scheduled to deliver content in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US to name but a few. 

The Seventh Day: Behind the book & The Author with Andy Malone

The Author

The Speaker

As well as training & speaking, Andy’s international travels ignited his passion for writing, and after years of writing articles for magazines, websites and blogs. Andy decided to pursue a passion for fiction. With The Seventh Day complete, he is already hard at work on the sequel - The Last Revelation.

Rather than traditional publishing Andy decided to publish through his own company Dark Nebula Publishing with his book soon to be available in both paperback and ebook versions worldwide. 

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In 2006 Andy won the first European Microsoft TechEd Speaker Idol contest. Since then his speaking career has exploded with his now speaking in over 40 countries to thousands od delegates worldwide.  

For 2014 & 2015 Andy will be speaking at the following international conferences

  • Microsoft TechEd 2014 Barcelona, Spain
  • Microisoft TechEd 2014 Houston, USA
  • Microsoft SWIT 2014 - Kiev, Ukraine
  • Microsoft MS Summit 2014 Bucharest
  • NIC 2014 & 2015 - Oslo, Norway
  • The Cybercrime Security Forum 2014 - Cyprus - Oslo - The Netherlands
  • IT / Dev Connections - Las Vegas, USA
  • TechMentor Live 360 - Orlando, USA 

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“The Seventh Day’s intriguing premise and strong characters make you want to turn the page to see what happens next.”

Mark Russinovich – Author “Zero Day”

"The Seventh Day is an amazing book. It touches several subjects that are recognisable from other movies and books (Highlander, The Ninth Gate, The Swarm, The Day The Earth Stood Still, The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, and suchlike), but nowhere does it become a known or familiar story. That is a real strength! It keeps urging you on to read further, to dig deeper and to get to the core of these mysteries… It quickly becomes apparent that all these ‘happenings’ are intertwined and that there must be something huge going on."

-- Thirza Karssen, The Netherlands.

"I really felt that the characters were real and each character was introduced in a way that was not overwhelming but more natural as you would learn about someone in real life.  The story evolved as you would normally expect but just when you get complacent and think you know what is going to happen next Andy throws in a unexpected twist that totally makes sense. This is a must read if you like history, geography, suspense, time travel or just a science or fantasy fiction novel."

--Mike Quinn, USA  

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